INVEST NOW High Return
We offer No Fee REITS and No Fee RELPS – so that the investors always win!
INVEST NOW High Return
We offer No Fee REITS and No Fee RELPS – so that the investors always win!

What is a REIT and What
is a RELP?

A REIT is a real estate investment trust. A RELP is a real estate limited partnership. Both leverage the power of real estate investing to allow individuals a traditionally safe, high return investment as an alternative to the stock market and a way to diversify their investment portfolio without the headaches of being a landlord. No need to fix leaky pipes in the middle of the night!

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Now is the perfect time to invest in our RELP – RELP investing offers tax benefits (depreciation). Real estate assets can appreciate over time. They can be cash-flow positive and produce quarterly income from the tenants.

Why Now?

Historically low interest rates make this an excellent time to buy real estate and the wrong time to put your money in a bank or a cd. Many experts believe the stock market is overpriced. The yield on treasury bills is lower than inflation. Gold doesn’t provide regular returns. Existing REITs contaminated by zombie properties like hotels, malls, movie theaters, etc., are everywhere. Diversify with No Fee REIT!

We offer a “No Fee” RELP

Unlike crowdfunding real estate options, traditional REITs, syndications, and other RELPs – our first no fee RELP doesn’t have a “management fee” – which means a larger portion of your investment gets invested and earns a return. We don’t waste money on phony, sexy, glitzy marketing, high-end salespeople, or fake photos of fancy “signature” properties. What we do is simple. We buy a portfolio of small, specialized, low-cost commercial properties in safe industries (no strip malls that are targets for an AMAZON take-over or fancy hotels that COVID can crush) and residential properties. Then we fix them up, we lease them, we collect rent, and you, the investor, wins.

Tax Benefits of Investing in a REIT or RELP

Our RELP offers excellent tax benefits. Real Estate distributions typically can be taxed at lower rates than ordinary income. And owning a part of a real estate portfolio means you get to depreciate that asset on your tax return, off-setting other gains. The tax benefits can be massive.


REIT or RELP Investment Step by Step

We Buy

Our strategy and philosophy are simple. We don’t buy fancy buildings and pay top dollar for them. We locate bargain properties, buy only the properties with high cap rates, then manage them ourselves to ensure they are taken care of properly, and the investor wins.

You Invest

You invest in a diversified portfolio of high-quality real estate we believe will perform well in all market conditions.

We Collect Rents

Our portfolio of income-producing properties generates rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.

You Get Paid

We mail or wire cash distributions to you, the investor, every quarter.

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Founders of No Fee REIT LLC

Dan Zak and Geoff Luxenberg have a combined 40 years of success and experience in Connecticut real estate investing. They currently own a diverse and high yielding balanced portfolio valued at over 30 million dollars. They have successfully owned, managed, and brokered over 500 million dollars’ worth of Connecticut residential and commercial real estate over their careers. Both are successful entrepreneurs, and Dan manages a real estate brokerage, an insurance agency, and a property management company. Geoff has been a real estate investor for over a decade and currently serves the State of Connecticut as a senior member of House Leadership in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Dan Zak

Geoff Luxenberg

Get in Touch with Us!

Ask About Our Current
Investment Opportunities

Our strategy and philosophy are simple. We don’t pick winning and losing sectors. We don’t buy fancy buildings and pay top dollar for them. We hunt for bargains – buy only the properties with high cap rates – we manage them ourselves to ensure they are taken care of properly – and the investor wins. No sexy overpriced “feature” properties mean more profits for you. We stick to what we know and have succeeded at for over 30 years. We invest in towns we know, in sectors we know, and only when the math adds up — in Connecticut – where we live.

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